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Personal Statement


You are all welcome. Existing clients, potential clients and professional colleagues (including opposing counsel). You are all welcome to the Law Offices of John T. Blanchard, P.C. This firm concentrates on the litigation of business matters. Its founder is a long-time California practitioner with not only substantial litigation experience at both the trial and appellate levels but a lengthy academic background, 16 years as a member of the adjunct faculty of the Loyola Law School in Los Angeles teaching courses in "Real Property Litigation" and in "Remedies". Please feel free to browse numerous textbook extracts and articles attached to this site. With luck, they will be informative and useful for you; they surely represent the sort of thorough approach this firm takes toward its work.

In addition to a commitment to academic excellence, it is the philosophy of this firm that all representation must begin with a practical understanding of your business, its operations and its goals. The academic and the practical must merge to serve the ultimate goals of your business. Business litigation is serious business and this firm is serious about serving your interests. When those interests are threatened you need the right counsel, serious, experienced and able. You do not, in our opinion, need "scorched earth". "Scorched earth" is expensive and rarely gets you where you want to go. If you want that, go elsewhere. If you want the firm that can overcome the "scorched earth" practitioners and assist you in reaching your litigation goals, contact the Law Offices of John T. Blanchard, P.C. We will be happy to hear from you.

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